Welcome to Jerusalem Plumbing Co, where we offer comprehensive plumbing services at completely affordable rates. When your plumbing isn’t functioning properly, you want an experienced and efficient company that knows precisely what they’re doing. You want a quality service at reasonable rates and a guarantee of success. You want a company you can count on for fast and comprehensive repairs – in short you want Jerusalem Plumbing Co!


Plumbing installation

Searching for a clean and specialized plumbing service? Jerusalem Plumbing Co affords service for both residential and commercial plumbing repair and installation. We make both small and large repairs and install plumbing fixtures including garbage disposals, water softeners, water purifiers, hot water heaters and tank less water heaters.  All of our plumbers are licensed and bonded. We also offer same day water heater installation and repair.

Plumbing replacement and installation require sufficient skill and a careful approach. If either of these tasks is not performed with frailty and accuracy, the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system may be compromised. To avoid any possible complications, make sure that these projects are completed in accordance with the Jerusalem Plumbing Co, whether you've hired able professionals to complete them or are taking them on yourself. You too can experience the quality work done by our superb plumbing technicians. Call us today for more information.