Welcome to Jerusalem Plumbing Co, where we offer comprehensive plumbing services at completely affordable rates. When your plumbing isn’t functioning properly, you want an experienced and efficient company that knows precisely what they’re doing. You want a quality service at reasonable rates and a guarantee of success. You want a company you can count on for fast and comprehensive repairs – in short you want Jerusalem Plumbing Co!


Residential remodeling

Perfection in design is the key element in all of our work. Jerusalem Plumbing Co draws on resources that include independent architects and designers to maximize your design options. We help connect you to the right architects and designers to match your vision – now and in the future. After all, a beautifully designed home or office is not only more functional and aesthetically pleasing, but gives you greater resale value. The expertise of Jerusalem Plumbing Co, with our reputation of quality renovations, can help you determine the practicality and the cost of upgrading or remodeling undervalued properties.

Exceptional craftsmanship is the core of our company philosophy. Whether you want to build a new home or commercial property, or remodel your existing one, our highly skilled craftsmen and subcontractors spare no effort to provide you with perfection. This allows us to stay on schedule, and run a smooth, cost effective project.